Project Management

Scott Halperin MD
Nominated Principal Investigator

Professor, Pediatrics and Microbiology & Immunology
CIHR/Wyeth Chair in Clinical Vaccine Research
Head, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Director, Canadian Center for Vaccinology

Dr. Halperin is a Professor of Pediatrics and Microbiology and Immunology at DalhousieUniversity and the Head of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He was educated in the United States, completing his undergraduate degree in Biology at Stanford University and his medical degree at Cornell University. His postgraduate residency training was in pediatrics at the University of Virginia and his fellowship in pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Virginia and the University of Minnesota. He has lived in Halifax since 1985 where he is the Director of the Canadian Center for Vaccinology, Halifax. He holds one of two Canadian Institutes of Health Research/Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Clinical Research Chairs in Vaccines. His research focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of pertussis and other vaccine-preventable diseases. Brown, PCIRN Director of Finance

Scientific Advisory Committee
Dr. Luis Barreto, Sanofi Pasteur
Dr. Earl Brown, University of Ottawa
Dr. Diane Drolet, GlaxoSmithKline
Dr. Gary Garber, University of Ottawa
Dr. Allan Horsburgh, IWK Health Centre
Dr. Alan Kendal, Government of British Columbia
Dr. Marcus Lem, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
Dr. Carolyn Pim, Pandemic Vaccine Task Group Co-Chair
Dr. Harold Rode, Consultant, retired from Health Canada Biologics and Genetic Therapies Division
Dr. Klaus Stöhr, Novartis
Dr. Susan Tamblyn, Consultant, formerly Medical Officer of Health
Dr. Wendy Vaudry, University of Alberta